Music wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats!


Aphex Twin – The Revenge of the Mask


Oor Magazine

Suddenly he is there again, Aphex Twin. The grinning head amidst shaking breasts and bums. A hero from the time MTV still actually played music videos. Pioneer of electronic music. Popicon. Thirteen years after Drukqs he returns with Syro and makes an end to…



Jesse Bru - Phychedellic Brain Paint

We’re anticipating seeing Vancouver artist Jesse Bru at New Forms Festival this coming weekend! He will be performing a live set at 10pm on Friday the 19th.

He released this fantastic deep house record on upstart Canadian label Heart to Heart last year, entitled the ‘Changing You’ EP. The sly B side cut ‘Phychedellic Brain Paint’ is a major highlight, with its crisp synth lines and impossibly soulful vocal chant. The label’s second release, from fellow Vancouver artist ESB, is also a formidable record, complete with a Vakula remix.

Canadian deepness..

Vocal sample is Janis Joplin if I’m not mistaken.